Oishi Sushi


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This is my new favorite place. I love it. I have been there about 4 times now and I think this might the best place in the valley for Chinese food
Please contact me regarding weekly color ads in our Dining Out section for just $55.30 per week. We reach 3 Counties covering nearly 350 mile in CT. I can provide samples and handle any questions. Also feel free to learn more about Prime Publishers at prime publishing.com. Respectfully, Doreen
I am the manager,just wanna let everybody know one thing , Our goal at Moon Star is to provide an unforgettable dining experience for all our patrons. Chinese food is hot food, but should take eating as fast as possible, to guarantee the quality of the taste! Some guest call the meal, we told them as long as 10 minutes, but they took about an hour from home , then back to home, after taking what temperature will just out of the pot of food and there\'s a difference, so in order to guarantee the quality of food is the best and temperature, please pick it up on time!!!